Who am i ?

I’m Jordan Burnet, I’m an infographist and web developer at work (under the name of Galactic Pixel), and a music composer and producer at home.

As a freelancer, I like to do everything myself, and it’s also the case with my music.

I created Nihilaeth as a way for me to express feelings that I can’t explain with words. I tried to experiment by mixing old electronic synth sounds (synthwave, retrowave) with heavy math metal riffing. I’m trying to create a new atmosphere and ambience for each song.

On the last release, I tried to save writing time by using the plugin Ujam Carbon as the guitar. It also gives me a better guitar sound to work in the mix.

The story of my music

I’ve been listening to metal since I was 10 years old, I started to play music by taking bass lessons when I was 14.

Back then, I enjoyed playing easy metal songs but I wanted to be more creative. So I started to write music on Tuxguitar (Linux time) and it got me.

Since then, I never stopped writing songs. When I was in high school, I learned more about music, and discovered interesting genres like classical, jazz, soundtrack, electro… At 18, I got my first electric guitar, an Ibanez RGA8.So I started to record songs with real recordings (thank you, Guitar Pro but you sound bad ^^).

The universe of sound engineering slowly opened to me. I started to produce every time I got time for it. Slowly but surely, I used synth and samples to make the music more interesting. It got me, and now I can say that my music is 50% metal and 50% electronic music.





The Algorithm



Russian Circles



Sarah Longfield

Animal As Leaders

Car Bomb


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