Jordan Burnet Portfolio

Game Programmer – Composer & Producer

Video Games

C# programmer – Unity integrator

Picolors is a picross game with colors (as many are just black and white) on mobile. My job was to be programmer and integrator for the game. This is the main project i worked on for Croozy Studio.

I also took charge of the game editor which would be used by artist in the future to produce grids to play in the game.

The game is already available on Google Play Store.

Project Street Pétanque – 2024

C# programmer – Character Controller – Analytics – Music composer and integrator

This game project is the last one of my formation before getting my degree at Cnam Enjmin school.

We plan an open world game in a dystopic Marseille where you can battle people at Pétanque.

This project is still ongoing.

Project Manager – Game Designer – Music Composer – Unity and Unreal Engine programmer and integrater – Network

This project was made in my second year of my degree in Cnam Enjmin school.

The game is an idea of mine to combine mechanics of rogue lite, card games and party games. With three other friends, you will take the adventure inside a mysterious dungeon as an elemental mage.

C# Unity programmer – Cultural Research – Music Composer and integrator – Environnement Artist – 3D asset maker

This is the first year project of my degree at Cnam Enjmin school.

In this game, you will play as a Yatai chief in Fukuoka, making Miso Ramens for your clients. A little subtility, you can only give it to them by throwing it to their face.

Nihilaeth is an amateur musical project of instrumental progressive metal and electronic music. In this project, i like to have the challenge to make everything from music to graphics and communication.

I’ve been doing music since i’m 15 and i started producing in 2014, even if my first pieces wasn’t really good as this is an amateur project i do in my free time. Making music is my most favorite passion (got a lot of them) and definitely the most emotional one.

As i entered the video game industry this last few years, i’d love to write and produce music in a professionnal environnement for other type of project. 

If you like what i do, don’t forget it’s available on most streaming services !

Shinsei – 2021

This is my latest full piece, and the most various one of this project. Fully made with virtual instruments i really enjoyed exploring different moods and ideas.

Nescience – 2019


This EP is a one year work and my latest record with real instruments. A lot was made with my midi keyboard and  there is a lot more presence of electronic sounds.

The chained Star of the Wormhole – 2018

This album is a long work of composing and also a big improvement (even if i’m not really satisfied now) in my mixing skills. Guitars and bass is fully recorded and others sounds are synth or samples.


Before my video games experience, i had a 10 years of different work experience. During this period, i had been manager, salesman, and freelance as a Graphic designer and web developer.


WordPress developer & designer

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